Each of the paintings above began as a sketch. I created a series of sketches that I felt would have an interesting transparent effect when painting over a painting using glazes. The sketches evolved to basically completely erase the original painting and I began to focus on the layering of images through glazes and more transparent pigments. As I was considering the base for the self portrait pieces, an image that was later going to be covered with more images, I became heavily involved in creating a photo realistic image.

I had shown my students the work of Chuck Close and other contemporary photo realistic artists and I said to them “aren’t these amazing, I don’t know if I’d have the patience to achieve that.” I began to challenge myself in a similar way I challenge the students. If I put in the time and practiced patience could I achieve a striking photo realist image?

I’ll admit they’re not fully photo realistic. The close up is from direct observation so I was able to achieve a great level of detail in the face to come closer to photo realism. The other two images were created from stills of a movie I filmed of myself. In both cases I set up lighting and filmed a video of myself moving in slow movements. I later took stills from the film and am working off of those photographs. While I am not able to achieve the same level of detail I feel I am able to depict a moment, an atmosphere, and a narrative.

Above are images showing the progression of the work.



The Westford Regional Art Show

Last year I created a mixed media piece for the Westford Regional Art Show that was very out of my comfort zone and my usual artistic style. This year, after looking through my favorite paintings, both old and new, I decided to hang up my favorite painting.  I love how effortless the painting was to create and the layers and depth it shows. I plan to enter the show again this year but want to challenge myself to create and be comfortable displaying one of my more conceptual artworks. I enjoy participating in the show because it is an opportunity to stay involved in the local art community.

DSC_0014 DSC_0016

The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston

Recently I was taking classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I signed up for the class so I could become more familiar with the museum. The class was an intermediate class and half of the class was about going back to the basics; monochromatic still life, complementary color still life, abstraction and then in the end we did an artist inspired artwork. The progression of coursework inspired my teaching curriculum. It was a good opportunity to step back and focus on basic technical art skills.

I have always been inspired by the high contrast of artists like Caravaggio and Vermeer and decided to create a series of self-portraits in high contrast. I chose to begin working with the figure because I enjoy figure studies and wanted to get back into it.  This artwork is still a work in progress, I feel that the proportions are off in places and it is missing a level of interest that I had hoped to achieve. I plan to continue working and post a finished product in the near future.

The Java Room

From the first of May until September I am displaying my artwork in The Java Room Cafe in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Every three weeks I am installing new artwork. Below are images of the work displayed in May and June.






I am in the process of finishing new artworks for July through September. If you want to see these paintings in person or would be interested in learning more about the cafe you can check out The Java Room Cafe on facebook at

These paintings were created for July-September.

Flowers in field java room Rocks in Java Room Rocks sea grass close up sea grass full

More to come!

Art on Main Exhibit

I am the guest artist at Art on Main Fine Art Gallery in Westford, MA. I have thirty-nine artworks on display for the month of March.  I am proud of the work that I created and the exhibit that I’ve put together. Below are some images of my work in the gallery space and the process involved in creating and exhibiting the artwork.

ArtonMain column1

ArtonMain column2

ArtonMain column3

ArtonMain wall

The work in this exhibit is a collection of artworks that I’ve created in the past few years up until last month. It was very difficult to decide what to paint or draw for this exhibit. I dragged my feet for awhile and it was challenging to get back into painting and drawing after doing just a few artworks since my graduation in May. As the show approached I created sketches of what I may want to include in the show and started with some of my stronger paintings from my senior year. I chose paintings that I felt people could relate to and art that people would want to buy. This is my first art show and I was reluctant to include any artwork that would be too personal.


Oil on canvas 30 x 40 inches


Oil on Canvas 18 by 24 inches


Conte-crayon and color pencil on mat board 15 x 20 inches

Oil on canvas 16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas 16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas 16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches


Oil on canvas 14 x 30 inches
Oil on canvas
14 x 30 inches

The fifth work created for the show was painted in a similar style to my Ocean painting. Under both Ocean and The Ranch I created a grid and using complimentary colors, filled each square with a shade or tint of those colors. I was curious to see how the under painting would change the depth and movement of the finished painting. Since The Ranch was one of my last new painting, I did not give the under painting the proper amount of time to dry and so the effect is less successful in The Ranch than it is in Ocean. I do feel that The Ranch was successful in the way that the grid added color to the white, blue and green areas of the painting.

Ocean Process
Oil on canvas 20 x 30 inches
The Ranch
Oil on canvas
20 x 30 inches

Oil paint takes a long time to dry and I used a lot of paint on each painting so I stopped painting a few weeks before the show. In the next two weeks I wanted to create more work for the show so I  created these two charcoal drawings:

Charcoal drawing11 x 14 inches
Charcoal drawing
11 x 14 inches
Charcoal Drawing 11 x 14 inches
Charcoal Drawing
11 x 14 inches

These drawings are examples of where I see my work going in the future. I enjoy layering different images and depicting an emotion or narrative through layering. I feel more successful and excited about the work when it is more personal, however the more personal an artwork is the harder it is to share.

After creating these images and tweaking a few paintings done in college I create business cards, greeting cards and a portfolio of intaglio prints for sale.

Intaglio Prints:

Friends Forever Intaglio Print 7 x 10 inches
Friends Forever
Intaglio Print
7 x 10 inches
Live Laugh LoveIntaglio Print 7 x 10 inches
Live Laugh Love
Intaglio Print
7 x 10 inches
HangersIntaglio Print 7 x 10 inches
Intaglio Print
7 x 10 inches
I Carried YouIntaglio Print7 x 10 inches
I Carried You
Intaglio Print
7 x 10 inches
Equal Intaglio Print7 x 10 inches
Intaglio Print
7 x 10 inches
FlowersIntaglio Print 7 x 10 inches
Intaglio Print
7 x 10 inches

Business card and greeting cards:

businesscards cards

If you are interested in seeing the exhibit the gallery is located at:

40 Main Street, Westford, Massachusetts

The open reception for the exhibit is Wednesday, March 13th from 5 to 8pm. There will be snacks and drinks and everyone is welcome to come view the artwork on display!

If you are interested in commissioning an artwork please feel free to email me at

The Process

After looking back on all of my artwork I realize that a lot of my artwork I like better in the beginning stages than the finished product. I have a tendency to always make things almost look too “right, pretty, or cute” not that that is a bad thing, it is the style I’ve developed. However, sometimes I wish I could leave a painting half done and see what people think of it. Below are a bunch of projects showing the start to the finish. Some projects, like the clay vase, had to be glazed and fired. The different images of the pot are interesting to me though so I included them.


This painting was a gift for my dad. It’s an oil painting of the Swiss Alps. In this case I am glad I fully finished the painting. Although I do think that at the half way point it was interesting too.


The paintings below of the beach scene I love both of them but I wish I had kept it half done. I think having the grid show more is much more interesting.



The small image next to this painting is another oil painting painted from the same reference. I created the chain and piece that holds the painting as well. The painting also functions as a necklace, although I would never wear it for fear of ruining or losing it. This piece took a lot of time and I am proud of it. Image

Below is an image of my 21 inch coil pot before and after glazing it. I find this piece charming, the feet give it a lot of personality.


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. -Pablo Picasso